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Game Features


Build your franchise into a dynasty.  You’re in complete control as the team’s owner, general manger, and head coach.

Depth Chart

Set your starters, 2nd string, 3rd string, etc.  Football is a team game; every active player has the potential to play in every game.

Player Agent

Negotiate directly with the player’s agent to create a deal that will bring the player under contract on your team.

Financial Advisor

Each team has an advisor on staff to inform you of the impact of an action (player signing, trade, drop, etc.)  before you take that action.

Salary Cap

Your league has the option to use a salary cap.  The salary cap will include the same constraints used by the real-life NFL.


Your scouting staff will assist you in monitoring players that have caught your interest.  Use the Watch List for special players.


Contract Offers

When making an offer to a player, other teams will not be able to watch your every move using the new blind bidding process.


Trades can be simple player-for-player trades or more creative including players, draft picks, and/or conditional options.

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